• Competitiveness
    Are your manufacturing costs making you uncompetitive?
  • Profitability
    Are you measuring the right things? Do they connect to your monthly P & L?
  • People
    Is your team prepared for an increasingly competitive environment?
  • Quality
    Do you know the true cost of quality in your operation?
  • Waste
    Do you know where waste occurs in your operation?
  • Problem Solving
    Do you solve problems intuitively or systematically and with discipline?

Answering these questions with effective and affordable solutions, will produce a measurable and positive impact on your bottom line.

Based on our vast experience in the food processing sector, we can help you identify the opportunities to improve operational performance and as a result, profitability, capability and in many cases, increased capacity.

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Synertik can assist established businesses in the following areas:

  • Develop and adopt continuous improvement practices
  • Refine your operational processes to improve effectiveness and reduce waste
  • Provide training and coaching to your management and front line team
  • Work with your team to connect your improvement goals to your strategy
  • Design and implement performance measurement systems

Alistair really has an eye for what has to happen to improve poor performing situation and can mobilize people to get things done.

J Longden
Vice President
Pineridge Group